Jersey Film Festival

I have a family connection with Jersey, my mum was born there (now living there with my retired Manchester-born dad) amongst other members of my family. Jersey for all those who don’t know, is the largest of the Channel Islands, closer to France than the UK, but still very British.

Every year in August, in a public park, Jersey film festival hosts an open air cinema week. A big screen is set up on a permanent stage in the park, and films are shown in the evening. It’s a very family orientated event (so no ultra-violent Korean films movie fans) and it’s an opportunity to enjoy cinema without the confines of a multiplex development, with your family, under a blanket with a bottle of wine/diet coke and a picnic.

The listings have yet to be released yet for 2013, but visit their website for any new releases. I promise I will update this blog as soon as the listings are released!

I remember going to this with my grandmother (God bless her soul). It was just the two of us, and she took me to see Annie and West Side Story. We sat under a blanket and took a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy. I was probably around 14 at the time, and it was one of my outstanding memories of my love of cinema. My grandmother loved it, it was the films she loved, old classic musicals, where everything is happy and bright and beautiful. I distinctly remember the film began as the sun was setting and shortly afterwards the sky was so clear, we could see the beginnings of stars in the sky.

Of course I understand how completely impractical it would be to screen films like this all the time (great British weather anyone?) but it was lovely.

Unfortunately this year, I’ve booked my holiday to Jersey before the dates were released and I actually return to the UK 2 days before the festival kicks off, so I’m pretty gutted, but hopefully the festival will be as successful this year as it has in previous years.

Jersey also hosts another festival, The Branchage Festival, but no information has been released as of yet. Will hopefully return with an update shortly!

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