Have you got your tissues ready?

So I’ve been thinking about some of the most poignant and sad moments of cinema. As you can probably tell Dreams of Life has parked itself on the couch of my mind, and it’s got me thinking about other sad moments in cinema history.

Now being a girl, I pride myself on having a fairly high waterworks threshold, but there are some cinematic (and televisual) moments which have had me bawling like a baby, and here are some of them (in no particular order, also goes without saying that the below videos contain spoilers! So if you want to remain unspoiled, please don’t watch!). What moments in cinema have had you crying yourself to sleep?

1. Up


If the opening scene of Up doesn’t have you in tears then you are not human. My dad is a 6ft5 hulk of a man, I noticed the manly ‘blink through it, blink through it, no one will know’ reaction when we watched Up. If my dad cries, then everyone must have cried

2. Philadelphia


I distinctly remember watching this at a screening at university for gay cinema week of the module, and I must have been particularly hormonal as I had to excuse myself from the room to go and cry. It’s beautifully filmed and a real tear-jerker.

3. District 9

Unfortunately the only copy of this scene on Youtube is one of those dreadful ‘filmed off the telly’ type videos, but the final scene of District 9 is open ended, leaving room for a sequel. But it’s the talking heads of Wikus’ wife, and Wikus’ transformation. Touching and exciting at the same time.

4. This is England 86

Screened on Channel 4 as a follow up to This is England, the fourth episode in the series which shows Lol’s dad and his true colours. I don’t think it’s appropriate to post the scene on here, but after Lol’s dad rapes her friend Trev, Lol confronts her dad and lets out all her pent up rage. I wont spoil it, but it’s a powerful scene, truly one of the best examples of British television.

5. Brokeback Mountain


The final scene of Brokeback Mountain gets to me every time, proving that it doesn’t matter if it’s straight love, gay love, it’s just as heartbreaking.

6. Derek

Ricky Gervais’ recent outing as Derek was just as tear inducing as it was hysterical. In particular the final episode of the season where Derek has to make some difficult decisions about his estranged father. I dare you to watch and not cry.

7. Dumbo-


Another real trauma moment suffered by all children, Dumbo’s mother is locked away, but she still finds away to comfort Dumbo. It’s genuinely too much.

8. Grave of the Fireflies


Genuinely one of the most powerful war films of our era. The ending is so tragic, its forever going to be in the hall of weepy fame.

9. Leon


The final scene of Leon, just a typically Hollywood style ending, but done with heart. Leon is a beautiful film about a beautiful relationship.

10. Dancer in the Dark


Do not watch the above video if you haven’t seen Dancer in the Dark, contains major spoiler!!! But the final scene is tragic, just so clinically filmed, devoid of emotion, which makes it even more tear inducing.

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