Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Merry Christmas from FlikGeek Film! I hope you are all having a wonderful time, hopefully getting lots of new DVDs from Santa. So for my Christmas special I’ve put together a little review of the comedy hit of 2013, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. I don’t know if you know, but it’s kind of a big deal…

Anchorman 2 is set several years after the first, Ron and Veronica are happily married, working together as co-anchors for a New York news broadcaster. Unfortunately, their glamorous world is about to be torn apart, Veronica is promoted to prime time, the first female anchor, and Ron is fired causing them to separate. Ron’s jealousy drives them apart. Cue a similar story to the first anchorman film… and unlike many other films, this isn’t a bad thing…

They're back... and as stylish as ever

They’re back… and as stylish as ever

The of Anchorman 2 is effectively the same as Anchorman, Ron manages to lose his job somehow and must fight his way back into news world. But, Anchorman 2 is just far away enough to feel novel and new. Anchorman 2 does suffer from pre-expectation hype, which I think it falls short of, however considered on its own away from the build up, it’s still incredibly funny. The plot itself again, is very thin and is held together by laughs. It’s outright stupidity, but I think based on the success of the first film, the filmmakers have been able to take some liberties with audience expectation. There is a feeling about Anchorman which is that it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, as long as he’s back, which I agree with to a certain extent. Anchorman was such an unexpected breakout success, it left nearly everyone who watched it wanting more. The one thing I think which does work against Anchorman 2 is that because the pretence of events have been established by the first film, so there isn’t as much freedom with the plot. There still needs to be reconciliation between Veronica and Ron, even though it’s not particularly integral to the progression of the story, I also found the side story between Ron and his son a bit boring because it wasn’t particularly believable or interesting. But these are the only negative points. The plot itself is mad, but you’re not watching for a compelling plot, are you?

Anchorman Lesson 1: Cruise control does not steer for you...

Anchorman Lesson 1: Cruise control does not steer for you…

Anchorman 2 is exceptionally funny, especially Brick and his side story about his love interest (female version of Brick, Kirsten Wiig). Some of the humour is a bit old-fashioned, for example humour about black people, but I think that it’s maybe more acceptable because of the time period of the film. It’s not offensive, it’s amusing because it is so ridiculous, you can’t seriously be offended by a man mocking ghetto-speak who later on nurses a shark with a milk bottle. It’s quotable (expected), self parodying (anticipated) and littered with cameo appearances (surprising). It’s stupid, silly humour which rarely misses the mark.

Anchorman 2 has suffered from pre-expectation hype, the build up and huge marketing campaign (Tango, Pepsi, Cinemas, Copyright,  MTV, apps) does mean that audiences are expecting a magnificent pitch perfect Burgundy outing. Instead they get a film which matches the quality and ‘laughs-per-minute’ as the first, which isn’t bad. In fact Anchorman 2 being on par with the first is about as good as 95% of sequels get, so this is an achievement in itself. All Anchorman fans will see this, whether it will live up to personal expectation remains to be seen, but for me it was what I was expecting, if a little more. I was howling with laughter and thoroughly enjoyed the film. It didn’t feel too long, and satisfied my thirst for new and vintage Burgundy.

Advertising opportunities for Brian Fantana

Advertising opportunities for Brian Fantana

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