BAFTA Awards 2014

The kick off of the Big Awards season is here! Unfortunately my invitation to the BAFTA’s was lost in the post (obviously), so I’m tweeting live throughout the BBC coverage. By the time this is posted all will done and finished, but, I thought it would be good to reflect on some of my predictions for each award, plus some award highlights! Enjoy!

Check out my original post where I’ve made my predictions on most of the awards categories, in true BBC style, they don’t cover everything. Who knows, next year they might get my address right on my invite…

Outstanding British Film

My prediction – Saving Mr Banks (but really Gravity)

The result – Gravity

No real surprises here, Gravity has been the film on everyone’s watch list, and rightly so. Spectacular visuals and cast. Alfonso, you’ve done the British film industry proud!

Best Animation

My prediction – Despicable Me 2
The result – Frozen

The hype behind Frozen has been so great, it’s made tons of money and smashed box offices everywhere. Still wish Despicable Me 2 won this one too, but that’s me being biased!

Outstanding Debut by Director/Writer

My prediction – Kelly Marcel / Kieran Evans

The result – Kieran Evans for Kelly + Victor

I’ve heard a lot about this film, and it’s high on my watch list. Kieran Evans’ speech was very heart-warming, I genuinely don’t think he expected to win. One to watch for the future.

Best Supporting Actor

My prediction – Matt Damon / Michael Fassbender

The result – Barkhad Adbi

Not predictable, but anything goes at BAFTA! Good to see upcoming talent getting some awards though! Captain Philips was Barkhad’s cinematic debut, well done!


My prediction – Gravity

The result – Gravity

Not a surprise in the least! What more can be said about the visuals in Gravity that hasn’t already been said?

Best Supporting Actress

My prediction – Lupita Nyong’o

The result – Jennifer Lawrence

Lady of the moment, Lawrence wins again! After success of best actress last year, she’s gone smaller with supporting actress. Would have been nice though to see Lupita win. Still, Lawrence is my hero!

Outstanding Contribution to Cinema – Peter Greenaway

I haven’t seen all of Peter Greenaway’s films, but the ones I have seen, I love. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover is one of my favourite films of all time. Beautiful cinematography, and superb acting from Michael Gambon and Helen Mirren, awarded the Fellowship later on in the ceremony. A must see director and writer for any film student.

Original Screenplay

My prediction – Gravity / Inside Llewyn Davis / Nebraska

The result – American Hustle

I’m surprised actually that American Hustle has won. It seems that BAFTA is going populist this year, what does this spell for the Oscars? I’m beginning to notice a notable absence of 12 Years a Slave from the winners list…

Adapted Screenplay

My prediction – Behind the Candelabra/12 Years a Slave

The result – Philomena

It’s good that this has got attention, it’s on my watch list and its got a stellar cast of British talent

Rising Star Award

My prediction – Dane DeHaan

The result – Will Poulter

This category doesn’t really deserve an award to be honest, it honours and celebrates upcoming fresh talent, all of them deserve an award! But congratulations to Will Poulter, check out all the films associated with the Rising Star Awards, some really good viewing in there

Leading Actor

My prediction – Chiwetel Ejiofor (Leonardo? Is tonight the night you can say goodbye to those memes?)

The result – Chiwetel Ejiofor

First award of the night for 12 Years a Slave, well deserved


My prediction – Alfonso Cuaron

The result – Alfonso Cuaron

It’s not a surprise to be honest, Gravity is sweeping the BAFTAs.

Leading Actress

My prediction – Sandra Bullock

The result – Cate Blanchette

To be honest this category was a bit of an unknown, all the actresses deserve to win, not just to be nominated. My prediction is probably the most redundant one of all of them, because any of these fine leading ladies could have won and I’d be happy.

Best Film

My prediction – Gravity

The result – 12 Years A Slave

Finally! They’ve got a biggie! This film deserves this, the hype and reviews have been incredible, and even more proud that it’s come from the talent of a British director! Well done Steve McQueen, well deserved and will go down in the history books as one of the best pieces of British Cinema in recent years.

FlikGeek Highlights

  • Hollywood looks back on those we have lost – Notably absent from the list was James Gandolfini, but there was an obvious heavy focus on Philip Seymour Hoffman who tragically passed away earlier this year, but also other notable figures from the film industry, Paul Walker, Ray Harryhausen and Elmore Leonard, amongst others. RIP, Hollywood has lost a little bit of its shine since you left.
  • Steve McQueen winning Best Film with 12 Years a Slave. Only 2 awards for this box office giant, and I applaud Steve McQueen for using his win to bring up the issues raised in the historical epic, slavery in modern society. Finishing with a poignant quote ‘I hope in 150 years time, our ambivalence won’t allow another director to make a film like this’.
  • Helen Mirren accepting her fellowship – Helen Mirren is a titan of British Cinema and her ‘best bits’ prove why. She’s our queen, our pin up, our feminist, our hero .
  • Leonardo Dicaprio blowing us a kiss
  • Rising Star Award – such an important but underplayed category for BAFTA. It’s basically a ‘watch out’ list for the future of cinema, voted for by the British public, it’s the only award which isn’t judged by the British Film Academy. All nominees year in year out are well deserved. Congratulations to Will Poulter for his win!
  • 12 Years A Slave hasn’t done as well as everyone thought it would. Gravity has swept the awards, winning 6 out of 11. But what does this mean for the Oscars? Are the awards going populist this year? BAFTAs are normally a good indication of what will happen in Hollywood.

So that’s it for this year! BAFTA is done and dusted, next up, The Academy Awards on the 2nd of March, which I will hopefully be able to cover, details to come nearer the time!

N.B. – An open letter to BAFTA, please can you screen live? PLEASE? And if this isn’t possible, please can we see the WHOLE ceremony? Some of us do care about who won best short film and editing etc!! Sincerely FlikGeek.

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