St Albans Film Festival 2014 – Tickets now on sale!

Tickets have just been released for St Albans Film Festival 2014! The program looks absolutely fantastic and I’m so excited for it! There is so much on offer, it’d be difficult to select just one event to attend, so here is a few picks…

St Albans Connection – Local Filmmakers Movies – A collection of films which have either been made by local filmmakers in St Albans and the surrounding area or have a connection to the city – 2nd May  
Over 18’s In Competition shorts – Directors from all over the world have entered their darkly delicious shorts for an Over 18 audience. We screen the best – all eligible for the competition prize.  Buy one ticket, see all these shorts and ask the filmmakers anything in our Q&A session – 2nd May

Shorts being screened:

  • Monomania Dir. Ben Vokes 4mins
  • Cold Turkey Dir. Thor Arnarsson 14mins
  • Satans Parish Dir. Mathew Radway 12mins
  • Three’s a Crowd Dir. Trevor Hardy 12mins
  • Insoma Dir. Dan Poole 5mins
  • Battlecock Dir. Ben Mallaby 6mins
  • Salient Dir. Oliver Guy-Watkins
  • Makeover Dir.Mike Tack 5mins
  • Night of the Loving Dead Dir. Anna Humphries 8mins
  SAFF 2
Panel Discussion – Women in Film & Media & ‘The Bechdel Test’Are Women Fairly represented in film? What is the Bechdel Test? Is is a good thing? Should we be joining Sweden and adding a Bechdel rating to movies? Does the Bechdel Test work? Maybe you think it sets the bar too low? Or perhaps you think the test is a load of rubbish? Join a panel of Women from film & media and share your views on the future of women in the film industry. – 2nd May  SAFF 1
BLOOD, SWEAT & FEARS Horror Filmmakers Guide to Making Your First Film – Find out how to get started in filmmaking from what equipment you need to make great films on no/low budget. Including how to shoot films on an iPhone and when to graduate to DSLR. Filmmaker Mike Tack recounts the last 15 months from not ever making a film to travelling to Denver for a world premiere of his short and shares his pearls of wisdom on how to create a killer film! – 2nd May  SAFF 3
How to fight like a superhero – screen combat techniques – With feature film Pompeii coming out its time for you to get right back to your Roman roots and learn to fight like a Roman Warrior or perhaps you are more of a Queen Boudicca. Learn cool techniques of fighting for camera with Colin Berry. Colin is chief instructor and founder of the reality based self-defence system Street Defence & personal trainer with clients inc. Jamie Redknapp. He studied with The British Action Academy  – the highest level of industry approved screen action training becoming skilled in disciplines from Gladius to Nunchucku and Gun Disarming to Unarmed combat & more! 3rd May  
‘On Your Marks, Get Set, Ghibli’ – Studio Ghibli & Anime talk & screening – See rarely seen short Ghibli films & listen to experts Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc who have written books on Studio Ghibli and Anime  followed by Q&A (1 hour) “The film we are planning to show is an 7 min short called “On Your Mark”, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and it really is splendid.”  Hear About Ghibli’s lesser known films -including Only Yesterday, Pom Poko and Whisper of the Heart – and watch a few other very special shorts too! Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc are authors, broadcasters and film critics. They have co-authored books about Studio Ghibli, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Horror Films, John Carpenter, Jackie Chan and Vampire Films and contributed to The International Film Guide and Wallflower Press’s Alter Image as well as a number of online and print journals. They are editors of online film salon 3rd May  SAFF 5
Student Shorts – ‘In Competition’ – The Best Shorts from Students around the world. See the whole programme of shorts with your ticket and stay for the filmmaker Q&A at the end. 4th May


  • Z Dir. Spyros Kopanitsos 19mins
  • Timothy Dir. Marc Martinez Jordan 7mins
  • Keepsake Dir. Callum Oakaby Wright 15mins
  • Uoldisnei Dir. Andrea Della Monica 20mins
  • Miles to Go Dir. Emily Coupland 7mins
  • Flip Dir. Rupert Rixon 16mins
  • The Girl in Red Dir. Aaron Dunleavy 11mins


  • An Undertaking 10mins
  • Perseverance Beyond Doubt Dir. Jonathan Brough 16mins
  • To The New Ukraine Dir. Chris Cunningham 16mins


  • How Winnie Got Her False Teeth Dir. Nat Urwin 2mins
  • Just Like You Dir. Isabel Garrett 5mins
  • Cells Happen Dir. Shelley Nichols 1min
  • Orpheus Dir. Jennifer Haugen 3mins
  • Wombmates Dir. J D Dean 3mins
  • Manhood Dir. John Goodhead 3mins
  • Aloha Oi Dir. Remus Buznea 1min
  • Karolina Dir. Naomi Cant 1min

Like I said, I’m so excited, and there is so much on offer, that it’s going to be tough to choose! But hopefully I’ll be volunteering so I can bring you coverage of the festival as it happens! You can book your tickets here at the official Eventbrite page.

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