St Albans Film Festival 2014 – Volunteering and event update

So I have to apologise for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. I’ve started a new job, so getting into the swing of that, plus sorting out my finances, and I’ve been super busy sorting out some other behind the scenes aspects of FlikGeek but, I’m back! And I have some exciting news regarding the St Albans Film Festival. I’ve been in touch with the volunteer coordinator, and I’ve got my schedule! So I can finally nail down some of the highlights that I’ll be able to cover! I’m so excited and in addition to helping out at the festival, I’m hoping to be able to promote my blog (with some nifty business cards- for mingling and a printed hoodie) so there’s a lot going on over 2-4 May.

So I’ve listed some of the events which I’ll be able to cover below, I’ll be able to bring you blogs, videos, pictures and hopefully some audience reaction and hopefully, some special guests over the festival weekend!

So that’s everything I’m set to cover, I will try and give you a comprehensive cover of all the events listed above, but the best source of information for the festival is at or by following the official Twitter account @StAlbansFF or by following the official St Albans Film Festival Blog. These aren’t the only events on offer though, there is so much more to experience, some of them free to attend in and around St Albans Town Centre in Hertfordshire. You can buy tickets directly from the links above, or by visiting the website, where you’ll also have the opportunity to donate to the chosen charity of the festival, The RSPB, a UK charity who work to preserve the environment for British Birds. So if you are in Hertfordshire UK, or even if you’re nowhere near, come down, grab a ticket and get yourself some film goodness!

I am so excited for the festival, not only is it a great opportunity to get involved with like-minded film lovers like myself, but it’s great to see audience response to films which are a little different, or kids taking an interest in cinematic technologies and history. Nothing makes me happier than seeing groups of students coming along to watch film competitions or attending workshops. It sounds a bit clichéd, but it really does, it reminds me why I studied film, and why I still love everything film to this day. And to give my time up for such a worthy cause, is *cheesy moment time* an honour.

So keep your eyes peeled over the 2nd – 4th May, I’ll be posting quite a lot, follow me on Twitter @FlikGeek for pictures and live updates!

St Albans Film Festival 2014

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