About FlikGeek

So this is what FlikGeek looks like in real life!

So this is what FlikGeek looks like in real life!

So my real name is Tiffany (Tiffany by day, FlikGeek by mid-late evening?) I’m a self-professed film fan. Always have been and always will be. I’m not  what you’d call an academic. It’s not an understatement to say I hated school. But when I was 14, they said ‘now pick what you want to do’. I scrolled down the list of subjects, IT, business, maths, science… Film studies. Hmm. Studying film. I can really do this? And from there I indulged in my passion all in the name of education. I went on further to study at the University of Winchester, where I wrote my final year piece on Vincent Cassell and Masculinity in French cinema. In a wonderful metaphorical circle, the first film I studied at GCSE was La Haine, and I finished university writing about La Haine. A big night out celebrating dissertation hand in day wasn’t enough for me. I needed something more permanent. So I got the phrase from the vandalised billboard in La Haine tattooed on my arm, on my way to my penultimate night working at the university film festival; ‘Le Monde Est a N/Vous’.

I spent my childhood watching films, loving the escapism and magic. And then when I hit my teens I stayed up late with my dad watching old horror and sci-fi films. I discovered Anime, Slashers, French cinema, Black and White cinema, Documentaries and I fell in love. I think cinema is the most important art form of the 20th and 21st Century and I love watching, studying, researching anything to do with film.

I started a blog to keep my passion going, as you probably know film writing is an incredibly niche area, and whilst I would drop everything in a heartbeat to do it professionally, it’s exceptionally difficult to get into. I’m not quite sure where I will go with it, but a few fundamentals –

  • I will review every film I watch
  • I will give attention and coverage to small local film festivals
  •  Respond to any emails or comments as quickly as I can

I hope what goes into FlikGeek is unique and engaging, I want to debate and present ideas. I also want to look at all areas of cinema, nothing is off-limits. I want to embrace new films whilst revisiting old favourites, so if you see a review of an old 70s Swedish film, and think ‘what? Why are you reviewing something over 40 years old?’ give it a try, you might agree, you might disagree, you might discover something you’d never have thought of seeing. So enjoy and as ever, I welcome all feedback! I’m friendly, so don’t be scared, drop me a message and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

5 thoughts on “About FlikGeek

  1. Hi flikgeek, meet filmgeek! Enjoyed your comments and your blog, my blog is filmgeek101.wordpress.com, and it’s exclusively about older movies from the classic period, check it out if and when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Looking forward to reading more and possibly hearing from you in the future. Thanks!

    • Hi Filmgeek! It’s great to hear that you enjoy reading my blog, thank you for taking time out to read! I will definitely be having a look at yours, it’s always good to see a different approach to film blogging, especially for older films. Once again, thanks for reading and will definitely be subscribing to you! 🙂

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