FocusFlik – Unknown Pleasures

I’m launching a new feature – FocusFlik Unknown Pleasures. One of the reasons I love film is experiencing movies outside of the norm, outside of Hollywood and big production budgets. And all too often, these films tend to get side lined and not given the attention they deserve outside of film communities or film magazines.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to document my thoughts and opinions on cinema, all types of cinema. Whether it’s Transformers-budget Hollywood productions or Indie documentary’s from France or low budget festival movies or film shorts, cinema is so diverse, there is so much to explore so I wanted to give coverage to as much as I can.

The concept behind Unknown Pleasures is to examine and review films which perhaps you may not have heard of. The films which haven’t got huge marketing budgets or perhaps haven’t seen the same successes of mainstream cinema. Some of the films you will have heard of (I’d be pretty hard pushed to find films NOBODY has heard of!) but overall, they aren’t as mainstream as others.

If you have any suggestions of unknown films, send me a message, I’m open to recommendations and suggestions! You can message me via my contact page but keep an eye out for articles with the Unknown Pleasures logo, you might discover something new…


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